Yoga Retreat Wisconsin
Yoga Retreat Wisconsin

Yoga Retreat Wisconsin

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With guided meditation each night, sessions of workshop, daily spiritual practice of ritual magic and super powerful full moon, going to change with the journey of a spiritual retreat like no other.

Mandala Center

“Join us as we explore, learn, play, think, relax and renew.”

Mandala-Center located in New Mexico, North America is a non-profit organization in the sanctuary, where you will find peace, renewal and a deeper understanding of life.
Located on the slopes of the Sierra de Monte Grande (near the border of Colorado and Texas) with stunning views and large Plains and volcanoes. Rural and peaceful environment suitable for rest and contemplation.

Here you can explore a variety of workshops holistic and retreats in meditation, yoga, art, empowerment, transformation and more staff.

Mandala Center also offers a beautiful space for groups seeking a time of spiritual growth and learning, personal development, prosperity and creative expression. 24 people can stay in the room with the possibility of accommodation.

The center of the Mandala was born of a vision. Founder of Tish Hewett Mandala Center began to be built as a private retreat and felt to put walls around the room. Tish asked his daughter, “Why create rounded walls?” Anna replied, “you are building your own Mandala Healing and wholeness”.

Making a rare journey time will be the center of the Mandala, where to explore, learn, play, think, relax and renew with the best company.

Now is your time. Do you have the experience of a spiritual retreat that would like to share?

Tameera Kemp is the founder of withdrawals of light fixed and more advanced directory holistic life, the world retreats, events and classes.

He had previously achieved in adult education for eight years at a University on Australia, creating one of the most successful travel program them journalism, media and communication.
For three decades, meditation has shown to help with all of the hypertension to control pain for immune function and much more. This meditation is now taught in hospitals, removal company, in churches, schools, and of course in the study of yoga and martial arts everywhere.

You should convince you not to try it, here is a list of the latest research of meditation. All the listed research was published last year. You can find a summary of this study in PubMed, the database of the national institutes of health. In many of these abstract meditation MBSR-is known as stress reduction based on conscience. Although this term covers a variety of meditation techniques, the most common are respiratory depressants and the repetition of a word or phrase.

So, without further ADO, there which to meditate, if:

Need help to manage your estres-meditacion has been shown repeatedly to cause the relaxation response ‘ ‘-the opposite of the physiological response to stress. In a review of recent research conducted by John Hopkins Medical Center to develop a guide for nurse, meditation found to be effective for reducing stress on the population in almost all patients. In addition, another study by the University of New Mexico suggest meditation is better than another cognitive approach to stress.
You suffer from lower back pain–researchers from the University of Pittsburgh to do research in adults who suffer from chronic low back pain and found that meditation helps to relieve pain, improve sleep and improve their quality of life.

You will probably like your mind in a more controlled and efficient manner if you suffer from excessive ‘spontaneous’ mental activity (medical – speak ‘busy’ mind), meditation is for you. Emory University researchers found that practitioners of Zen meditation can do certain tasks with less activity, nerves and are better able to regulate their mental response to stimuli.

You want to improve your inmunes-investigadores function of Loyola University teaching of meditation for women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer is clearly a major source of stress. They found that, compared with the control group, the immune function of meditation which is stable and recovered more quickly after surgery.

You are suffering from headaches, especially migraine – in a study conducted at the University of Massachusetts, the researchers taught the four types of meditation for those who suffer from migraine. As shown in previous studies, the four groups have experienced a decrease in the frequency and severity of your headaches. An interesting aspect of this study is that it was designed to compare the secular vs. the spiritual meditation and spiritual meditation is more effective – probably find that we will cover in more detail in a future post.

HIV-positive, a study of HIV + patients at UCLA suggests that meditation helps to buffer the fall of lymphocytes is more associated with the progression of HIV.

You want to feel a greater sense of well-being separate studies at the University of Santa Clara and the University of Massachusetts found that meditation cultivates consciousness, which in its time, generates a greater sense of its own be in well en general.

You suffer from ansiedad-revision of research conducted in the research laboratories of psychology in Sierra de Verbania, Italy, 10 years of research on the effectiveness of meditation to deal with chronic anxiety and found that it is Indeed statistics.

You have problems, a study at Stanford University combines meditation with cognitive approach for the treatment of insomnia sleeping and an effective and comprehensive program.

Their feasibility study of ADHD, a UCLA in adults and adolescents with ADHD found that meditation increases attention and cognitive ability and experience a decrease in feelings of anxiety and depression.

Suffer from Bipolar-primeros disorder studies at the University of Oxford found that meditation helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression in bipolar patients.

You want to increase your compassion for others, a University of Wisconsin study found that individuals who engage in usually make changes to long-term meditation of ‘compassion’ in their neural functions are more sensitive to the emotions of the others and more global empathy.

You have blood pressure alta-muchos studies have linked meditation to reduce blood pressure. Among the latest news on the University of Kentucky found that a type of meditation, transcendental meditation, help to reduce systolic and evil. Other studies that used the techniques of meditation and relaxation others produces the same results.

You have Diabetes, a study in Thailand shows meditation help to control levels of blood glucose and blood pressure in type 2 diabetic patients.

And finally, you have to ponder if:

You like it! I don’t have to study it, but many people experience joy and peace deep by meditating. Not all the time, perhaps, but enough to be part of their lives. And of course, meditation has been and is a part of almost all the spiritual traditions of the human race has already been invented. What experiences when calms your mind cannot always be quantified or explained, even for the best research team.


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