What's The Best Acne Treatment
What's The Best Acne Treatment

What’s The Best Acne Treatment

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1. drinking water mixed with salt marina and lemon. Sea salt provides your body with essential minerals, lack of it, including zinc, which helps to eliminate acne. Lemon helps to detoxify your body and makes your skin healthy.

2. shower 2-3 times a day with natural SOAP. You want to wash the entire oil acne when you take a bath. You should avoid using the conditioner since you leave chemicals in the pores.

3. apply garlic juice on your pimples. Only applies the juice of your acne and not anything else. Do not pour too much because it will burn.

4. avoid oily beauty skin products. Your skin will be blocked and you will get more outbreaks.

5. avoid fast food. Fast food is very rich in calories and increase your insulin levels quickly. Eat a lot of foods will trigger more acne


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