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In my first practice of yoga, lent me a mat of study that I have in hand. Quickly became aware that needed my carpet. Mat provides very thin, is not sufficient for my height and full of sweat of others. I am a total beginner, go to your local discount store and bought the first carpet that caught my attention. He, at that time, more money than common sense, ended up buying some rugs more in search of really well for me. By experience, I know that when you are looking for the perfect yoga mat, you should consider 5 factors: size and shape, thickness and weight, composition, aesthetics and price. If you take the time to reflect these factors, you will be happier with your choice, enjoy your yoga practice to the other and can still save you money.

Size/form: as the instructor will probably say: ‘… – that is your universe. Too small, which may not be comfortable; It is too large, a crowd of other students can be. Oblong Yoga mat “standard” 24 “by 68”. For the average person height and weight, size and shape of would be better. This will give you enough horizontal space to make the sitting pose and twists and enough time, so get and vinyasas in the back does not have hanging on the back. If, however, carry excess weight a little high (say 5 ‘ 10 or more) you can think of getting an extra long blanket to give more space to move forward and backward and go to bed, or that you may want to take the leap, how do carpet Mandala 6’ round redo NDA, giving you more room to stretch in all their poses. I took a long mat classes, but using the round rug at home. The long, rectangular plates can be easily accommodated in the study, but the round rug (except everyone in the class using one) only is irritating to other settings the mat in the classroom. So if you have a study and only use the round rug, prepare to see not satisfied that some of the classmates and your instructor can.

Thickness: a yoga mat is to provide a non-slip surface and padding for knees, hips and other parts that come into contact with the ground. The mat in the Yoga Studio and less expensive the mat tends to be 1/8 “thick, maybe a little more.” The minimum thickness is good if you have a sensitivity in the knee during the posture of camel, in the hip during the laps on his back, elbows to the Sphinx, or represent the doll under the dog. But if you have sensitivity, thick carpets may be best for you. Many rugs that are advertised as “Bold” is only 1/4 “thick. In fact, the Manduka black, considered the Cadillac on a thick carpet, mat is 1/4 “thick. However, others, such as mat rug premium made of Jade, which is 5 mm thick or more… and just that little extra padding can make the difference in how you feel. One thing more than thinking, perhaps, with a thick carpet, a thick rug, heavier that it can be a disadvantage if it carries around the class home and back.

Composition: Yoga mats are made from a variety of different materials. Carpets are older and cheaper mats can be made from PVC, latex or plastic mixture. Perhaps you are allergic or sensitive to some of these materials, and they can be harmful to the environment. New composite material, Microfiber or hydrogen foam mats does not contain latex and more “friendly”. Carpets may also be made from natural ingredients, more aware of the environment such as cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo or natural rubber. Called yoga mats “Sticky mat” and intended to avoid that pass around, because you are an exercise in bare feet, once you start to sweat the carpet can be slippery. The majority of carpets, you will need a towel to absorb sweat and keep stable in power, Bikram yoga, ashtanga o. made of type cotton mat will absorb the sweat, but provide less cushioning when wet and they should be washed as soon as they smelled bad. Natural rubber mats are less slippery when wet and even more easy to clean; I tried Jade mats harmony and although he sweated a little, with only a hand towel and stay there in the last dog sitting for my practice.

Aesthetics: one of the teachings of the yoga is to provide worldly activities, sensory distracted. But most of us still want to look good and be in a pleasant environment to do the poses. If this is you, stop and think about if a black carpet (although it is long and thick and made from natural ingredients) will satisfy your sensual side. Carpet color Lavender even or Teal can be annoying to see after a while. So far, yoga mats are more decorated with names such as Damascus Gaiam, dye tie, “Flower Power” and the hydrangea of Dragon fly. Only you will know if it is worth any sacrifice with the decoration that you have to make in relation to the resources they need or want to.

Price: price for yoga mats vary. You can get cheaper, yoga mat “plain Jane” on the internet for about $8. If only try yoga and not wanted to make any compromise, this can be done. But if you are serious about the practice, expect to pay a little more. Usually, the thickness of the natural material of the carpet will be more expensive. Gaiam mats runs about $ 20 for approximately $40. Manduka black mat pro set back close to $ $100 natural rubber mats and Eco is around $ $80. Carpets of YogaAccessories made of natural rubber in 5/16 “thickness of 45 dollars from natural rubber of the same thickness of the Jade crawler is about $80. Madala is 6 feet round mat will cost you around $65. Price changes and sales going on, so check around and compare prices. Check with your study of yoga can be your carpet looking and may be able to find the price you find elsewhere.

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