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There is nothing better than out to sea in the crystal clear waters as the morning sun began to peak on the horizon.

You have that red light on the top when the sun began to light up the sky, at the bottom of the

sea is increasingly visible as the ship glides through a delicate subtle oil pools.

We are going to some of our favorite brands of about 6 miles to the sea at a depth of approximately 36 fathoms, our weapons of choice was the Daiwa rod and big fish is what you hope to find.


Our trip to the destination we passed some small reefs along the way, so I decided to make a fishing lure Rapala X-rap Magnum back hoping to get a mackerel or even of troll yellowfin tuna.

One of my favorite baits is a body of silver with red head, this temptation made me proud many times and there are a few teeth marks in the painting on the side of the body of several near misses, also.

Canas DAIWA I have on board for trolling is Saltiga G Reed boat, opposite the stem quality components, this gives them more power and strength to be able to control the powerful fish. They are a combination, Daiwa rods and big fish!

I started to configure my computer for some attacks thoroughly so I’m ready, once we have our brand more out.

As I start to tie some equipment paternoster, clear sound from a high speed reel ratchet will

fill the air as one, then the other bars on the back, nibble, as we build a double hook in trolling gear.


Decky cries of ship captains and brought the boat to a stop when we started to roll in what appears to be nothing, how we got our fish close to the boat at a glance silver and blue, who told me that you can only reach a small Bank of Mac tuna, and as we take our catches on the side of suspicion confirmed.

It is not good to eat fish but work well as bait Strip to snapper and kingfish, nothing is better than fresh bait so we will put them on ice for later.

Captain distinguish back in the field and let our feeds on the back to try it again for a few more good fish to eat right now.

South this light wind began to pick up slightly and began to agitate the surface of the water, it is not enough to interfere with us today, as the ripple is less than one meter and is not forecast to pick up later in the week.

We are almost on our brand now so we ended up in trolling gear as the ship’s captain had a look at the revision to stronger decent fish, I was sure that I had a place that we can organize our first drop.

I’m incorporating more trunk with a speed of 2 fishing reels Daiwa Saltiga, Daiwa Saltiga lever drag.

These reels handle power mono and braid seriously when you’re chasing the big fish as we are today.

The captain of our position and we can drop us a line ready to hang in our first sample.

The reason that use teams of Daiwa is that I know when I’m connected to a big fish that my teeth do not let me down.

If you came across a school of kingfish and hook up you should know the teeth allows you to drag this sucker before it head on a rock and cut. I don’t like taking that kind of chance with any fisherman.


It will let you know what happens in the next article, but for now keep with Daiwa rods fishing and catching large fish.
The term “tape” means different things to different people in the world. For some, this is the default “classic” as Mickey Finn or Gray Ghost, but for others can be a completely different animal use indefinitely. With varied and exciting flying today is tying material, imagination is the only limit and many have been pushing the envelope further their predecessors they never thought possible. Everything that has an absolute passion for fishing the big tape for big fish and tie their own flies, surely will be a candidate for the fly Fisher.

So cold streams in the Midwest for a Fisher flew to choose as their hunting grounds, it is also true that different techniques will be used accordingly. Small streams will require different techniques and fly models often reduced, in comparison with those used in Rio maior. Fishing lagos-agua can still require a different approach due to the lack of water and forage base their mines.


Your choice of bar, line, leader and fly can and change with the different streams, rivers and lakes. The type and size of the fish has played you a role as well. For fishing tape Muskegon flows, I like to use 2 sticks of different weight and lines for different times of the year and the associated water flows. During our eyes water on the Muskegon River, I prefer 7 weight rods or 8, 9 or 10 feet long, set the sink tip lines of grain 250-300. Leader, would have about 3 1/2-4 feet long, conical # 25, the end of the trial of 10-15 #, depending on the clarity of the water. Under these conditions, after large trout… by big, I mean trout, trout eat this or another big fish. Because the flies are combined can vary from 3-6 ‘or more, must have a heavy weight sticks to launch a line of fly and huge, especially if you decide to launch a tandom team.
Once the water flow to more normal levels, the trout will also return to the more traditional lies which would be during the height of the water, which is usually in the middle of the summer onwards. In these circumstances, up to 5 drop Rod weight and compared with a 130-200 line and the leader of the grains around 4 ‘, conical test # 6 more or less.


In large rivers like the river of Muskegon Michigan, we continue to work with the different currents and points, which plays an important role in how our points of view on the water. Therefore, it is very important to be proactive in coils of fishing as a river, because of the current differences and how they play a role in the development of our future flight. With a “proactive”, or specify where you want to see the next of its cast, also at the end or assume false conversions. This is not necessarily “techniques” are different, but I prefer to fish smarter, not harder, and don’t feel that you must always be able to beat the Bank with a fly. Choose the right place to focus their efforts will produce greater results which only released a hasty repeat again.
With large as from the Muskegon river systems, half the battle is to choose the most likely place for the players, for the type of fish that is going on and the time of year. Trout arco iris will love faster water, such as low light Browns and remain in prison, such as Hollows, depressions and log jams, steelhead choose different “lies”, at the time of the year that are on the Muskegon River.

Here is how approach me any species of fish, while the conditions of the hypothetical as at the end of may, the flow of water on average to moderate, clear sky and around 50 degrees the water temperature.


Rainbow fleet still in the field of high concentrations of oxygen, such as riffle water and I was my proposal directly to the banks and the track back to the center of the River, in short, infrequent 4-6 “strips at the same time. This will allow fly jump and crash through a variety of points in different types of water. Do not give to fishing you in the water, or at least every hour a tape of fishing, since it is often the last strip of the two when trout appears nowhere in his zipper.

Trout is known for his nocturnal behavior, preferring to leave forage in low light or darkness at night. This does not mean that it is not possible to address the quality of the trout of the day when heavy rains come and add some color to the River, which is the best time to attract a big brown. Knowing that they prefer darkness, depth, log jam filled the hole and running, I focus more time and effort in habitats such as I. Consider not only the substrate for the areas of cover such as weight, but also the area across the River, often at the same time. Take should imitate the actions of dam wound, regardless of whether it is huge leach, small fish or shrimp. Conversion to the target area, allowing the line to sink until the proper depth and takes long and irregular movement. You can take or 2 ‘ 6 “Strip, both followed by a pause and then the Strip again.”


Streamer fishing is often a matter of thought, time and place of the casting. A weather forecast. Time is the best time of the year to meet with trout Muskegon trophy and location is where you put your players, taking into account the weather and water conditions.

Looking to the future and trying to plan your day of fishing when the time to project at least some clouds. If it is a Blue Bird Day, consider dry fly fishing or nymphing. Time to fly fisher tape is most associated with the season of the year. In the end, we want our tape against fish until they had opportunity to gorge of the nymphs and dry flies hatch as the main time-around early June at Muskegon River and in the Midwest. In addition, if you plan to travel tape shortly after the rain some heavy, which can also be an ally if the river level reached “a little” and has some color to it. The best time is the first day or two after the River reached the highest power and starts to fall to normal conditions. The key here is, try fishing a curve on the inside, dark, full of wood bend in the river. Trout and trout iris is the lie which preferred the soft currents that do not support a full of twigs, leaves, branches and other impurities that are the result of heavy rains.

Launch the situation goes hand in hand with the frame rain shower perfect post, but it also applies to normal condition Ribbon fishing in Muskegon River. Obviously, if a dark stretch of river that usually will become home to a good trout have all kinds of “junk” flowed directly into the deep, dark run, they have short term stay in someone else, but not far from what they call home. Think of it this way; If it is the sufficiently close to be that you part of its tail kick territory home water is gentle enough for there is no journey that all garbage, the food fence can also be in as it is bent and had enough depth to provide protection that is perceived, have your lies high, trout water. Under normal conditions, I want to work on front and large records of congestion of traffic and the front part to the rear and back stretches where the lower limit of the river changes rapidly in the Muskegon. Players can change a bit, in terms of the direction that you submit your offer, but most of remains perpendicular to the Bank. The worst case in large rivers such as the Muskegon will be when its players also go further down the River, and most of your peeling tape is bringing to hulu and often at a much faster pace than it should be. Small Baitfish can swim so fast because of the size and strength, keep this in mind when it comes to imitate natural food sources.

These are just some of the thoughts, ideas, and techniques of the preferences that I and when the tape travel guide of several rivers in West Michigan. They definitely will be extended to more suitable conditions and their own situation.
When it comes to ice fishing, fishermen do not always place safety at the forefront in your list, nor has security instead of something.

I have a plan for bad scenarios that gives an opportunity to fight when push comes to push and his life is in danger.

The best way to prepare is the first, be prudent enough to not get in a situation with the understanding, prediction of temperature and freezing conditions, and both have a security team and ready to leave with her. This is called a precautionary measure and should not be ignored.



Nylon or polypropylene rope works better than the type of cotton rope because do not freeze when it is wet. Bring at least one extra cable 25-30 ft. This can be useful for many tasks, the examples you can use additional strap to ensure greater protection for ice fishing ice when the wind intensifies and normal anchor shelters need help.

The handles can also be used to connect the equipment to the sled or used as a safety rope when it is pulled for ATV or snowmobile. Above all, the string can be used as a lifeline that nobody fell through the ice. Does that the standard equipment of the rope to his sleigh, or a hub and make sure its easily accessible fishing.

Escape from the ice peak

You must have ice and they are an important part of the life saving equipment when it’s ice fishing, since it allows you to take the road to the ice, they have to fall. Spikes of ice is a pair of spikes with handles that wires together and designed for use around your neck.

Vanishing point is very important that if you do a lot of single ice fishing. Think about it, having nails escape your people is a cheap insurance policy when no one to help you. They cost about $ $6 $5 – so there is no reason to not have a set.

PFD (vests)

Many fishermen of ice can be fun see a using a PFD on the ice and perhaps on kill. But for some people that use a, laughing at foot. Now many people say “ball” represents a great big orange life preserver. Does not happen again. Today the choice had directed the ergonomics and the fishermen and made to look good and comfortable. Inflatable PFD designed manufacturer must manually and some are made in a cool water is turned on. Flotation device is designed for use as shoulder straps and belt pack. They can be adjusted for winter clothing. This type of PFD can be purchased for only $80.00. What is the value of your life?

Other flotation devices that can be used twice is a type of throwable PFD flotation device as pillows. Because it has a handle, a rope can be tied to the throwable, making it ideal for rescue, if someone falls.

PFD is also great for convenience and can be used as a pillow on top of chairs, field or ice cubes, you always know that if you need when he heard cries for help.

Ice wedges

“Not need shoes stink on ice”? Think again. Many of you fishermen feet ice that wouldn’t you mind paying invoices medical due to an injury to the head, a broken elbow or knees bent, go ahead and take the plunge.

We are experiencing around an ice fisherman knows that when the wind blows the snow feeds the traction on the ice, it was very slippery and Staples [] under the boots of the ice. A couple of wedges of ice can be had for as little as $5.00 $10.00 to medical expenses?

When it comes to ice fishing safety, preventive measures in place that are nothing more to be prepared for the fight were given an unexpected scenario and a little sense!

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