Antibacterial Soap For Acne
Antibacterial Soap For Acne

Antibacterial Soap For Acne

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4. honey SOAP. SOAP with Manuka honey active ingredient are also excellent for skin breakouts. Honey has the effect of properties against infections and anti-inflammatory properties, and hydrating properties. In traditional medicine, the honey is used to accelerate wound healing and reduce inflammation.

5. oatmeal SOAP. Oatmeal SOAP recently became more popular in treatment, as well as prevent acne. Oats help control excess oil and remove dead skin cells, so your pores become clogged that trigger acne development.

6. SOAP with green tea. Natural antioxidants, green tea protects the skin against free radicals that damage the skin. SOAP green tea also relieves inflamed acne spots.

7 sulfur SOAP. You can try sulfur SOAP not is pregnant, infants, diabetes, poor circulation of blood, sulphur or allergy to medicines anti coagulant. Although sulphur is very good for the skin (without sulphur popular in antiquity and in modern times?) and that many people reacted positively to sulfur SOAP, there are also some who may experience redness, dry skin and itching. So if you are going to use sulfur SOAP, use with care, and preferably with the approval of a dermatologist.

Although washing your face with a specially formulated SOAP is necessary to avoid future crises, acne should be along with a healthy lifestyle and a wise food choices. Keep your body fit, healthy and clean (bottom), through exercise and eat the right food, goes a long way in preventing acne.

Keep in mind the best thing for you is what is happening with the routines of life and every day. Just get rid of your acne, also eat healthy foods and follow a regularly good skin care regime.


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