Acne Scars And Holes Removal
Acne Scars And Holes Removal

Acne Scars And Holes Removal

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Acne scar removal techniques can vary from as simple as the application of ointment to something advanced like surgical procedures. This type of method will depend on the severity of the scars. Scars caused by acne is severe. It can also be caused by acne that has been cleaned, pick up and abused in many ways at the hands of the patient. Or it may simply be since it uses a solution that is not recommended by dermatologists and resulted in adverse reactions.

Acne scar removal decisions must not be made by the patient. Consult a doctor or a dermatologist should be part of the process. To give an idea of what your doctor probably will recommend patients, here is a brief information.
The following is a topical treatment for scars that are lightweight and do not have the height or depth. You faint scars, in other words. As retinoids topics and creams containing AHA can be enough to remove the plaque. Please note, however, that this formula is even more powerful than your typical acne medications, consultation with a physician is still in order.

Chemistry is a procedure that often used formula shell skin chemistry. As it implies the term, you can peel the skin with the use of chemicals that are designed to remove the damaged part of the skin. The skin is then authorized to produce a new layer to replace disassembled parts. However, the marks left by the layers of the crust is not easy to regenerate if patients teenagers. This method is more suitable for young patients of the skin that has a better chance to regenerate.

This treatment is usually used with Keloids laser treatment. The laser is used to burn the damaged skin or change the outline that produces flattering appearance. This procedure is also recommended for people who want to have their wrinkles removed.

Injection syringe method is the preferred method for those who like a hole in the wound. This is the opposite of keloid scar or high. Pit – like holes that SCAR is formed in the skin for severe acne. An example of this method is the injection of collagen. This procedure involves the injection of collagen in the affected area to improve and level the surface. Another type is an autogenic fat transference that is to take fat from another part of the patient’s body must be injected into the hole to create a smooth surface.

Punch Excisional surgery procedure is the most common surgical methods for removal of scars and involves removing the damaged skin. However, this procedure does not end there. Often, other procedures such as skin graft, carried out to replace the layer of skin was removed. Surgical technique for removal of scars often require follow-up procedures and periodic visits to the dermatologist for maintenance.

Acne scar removal does not need to rush a decision. If the patient wants to have scars removed, consult a dermatologist.
Two causes of scarring on the skin is lost and the lack of a network of collagen. The scars are formed when the skin is replaced by fibrous scar tissue after injury. Such as acne, scars can greatly affect their self-esteem especially when they are visible. The scars can vary in type, size and color, many times, when we get rid of acne, it is usually leave a mark as a blemish or scar. The most common among all types of scars is atrophic scars. It is a scar that leaves a hole in the skin. Most of the time, the acne scars appear on Asian or ethnic Africans. According to the survey, there are numerous treatments for the Elimination of the commercially available acne scar, but there is no complete elimination of scars. Only reduce the visibility of scars.

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